Rota Rota Leinenchino in weiß

  • Rota - Rota Leinenchino in weiß
  • Rota - Rota Leinenchino in weiß
  • Rota - Rota Leinenchino in weiß
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  • Rota - Rota Leinenchino in weiß Thumbnail
  • Rota - Rota Leinenchino in weiß Thumbnail

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 It all began in 1962 by Ampelio Rota, the bearer of the idea, that ​​trousers could not only simply be worn to the jacket, but could also be handled as main protagonist in men's clothing.
The idea was to offer a high quality trouser combined with the best fabrics available.
Although 50 years have passed, the methods and accuracy of our production have remained unchanged, but above all our product remains 100% made in Italy, preserving this idea and passing it to the next generation. 
 The unique production methods where  each seam is combined with an extra ironing step in between, obtaining a unique quality, are mainly responsible for the difference in the product and in the wearability at end.



The high level of specialization achieved in all these years allow us to offer our customers a trousers that meet customers’ requirements in every aspect and to customize the product based on demands of the market where they will be sold.

The high number of fittings and fabrics that we offer to our customers means that in every shop the final consumer can find trousers connected by our highest quality but always different in details and therefore each time unique in its characteristics.

100% Made in Italy production, high quality tailoring, attention to details and excellent fitting make our trousers a benchmark on the market for almost 60 years.



The fine fabrics of our collections are carefully selected to fulfill the needs of those who turn the feeling of wearing a pair of trousers with an exclusive style and materials into a way to conceive men's elegance, based on personal choices rather than on fashion clichés.

The best fibers for trousers, cottons, velvets, cashmere, flannel, covers, classic patterns and colorful variants, suggest an old-time pleasure to those who appreciate the timeless elegance resulting from “Rota” quality and from a tradition which has been renovated to suit modern tastes.


Our production is customized to meet the clientele's requirements. Each garment can be actually customized in terms of style, linings’ colour, matching or contrast seams, buttons, pockets’ cut and many other details.

All this is possible thanks to the skill and art of Italian tailoring: the utmost care for details and search for exclusivity have turned every garment into a pair of Rota trousers for 50 years. 


Additional to our main tailor-made line with handcraft finishes, we offer a 100% made in Italy Sportswear Line.

All Rota Sport products are treated, dyed or washed after the making phase, producing a one of a kind garment, that emphasizes on the more sporty attitude for the casual gentleman.

Also the Rota Sport line offers a wide range of fabrics and different kind of fittings to satisfy the demands of all our customers in the world.

Rota Sport trousers are treated in such a way as to be as soft and pleasant as possible to give to the final consumer the more pleasant experience.

In the Rota Sport Line you can find all the qualities and attention to details typical of all Rota trousers.

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