Lambert, Jacobo Glasvase, 21 cm


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Artikel-Nummer: 714
Hersteller: Lambert
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The Jacobo vases are objects that stage any bouquet and are particularly suitable for branches. Jacobo is mouth-blown from thick, clear glass. Thick dots of solid glass are melted onto the still hot, finished glass body and thus form a relief. Small irregularities in their distribution are a sign of this artisanal process. Even small bubbles and streaks testify to the craftsmanship of the vessel. The rim of the vase is hot melted. Stubborn edges, limescale deposits and plant remains can be removed with vinegar cleaner. Do not wash your vase in the dishwasher, so-called cooling cracks could occur.


Höhe 21 cm
Tiefe 14 cm
Breite 17 cm

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